Raising money in a bear market, and what happened with Sequoia and Finix?


Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

Today was something a bit special. We’d originally hoped to have this episode in person, as a group, but the world isn’t flying as much right now so we had to make do. Regardless, please say hello and welcome Natasha Mascarenhas to the Equity crew.

Natasha has worked for the Boston Globe, the SF Chronicle, and, most recently, covering venture capital for Crunchbase News. TechCrunch is lucky to have her, and the Equity team is stoked that she’s coming aboard our hosting team. When she’s not podcasting, she will be reporting on early stage startups and venture capital trends for TechCrunch and ExtraCrunch.

Don’t worry, Danny and Alex aren’t going anywhere. Equity is now, happily, back to its original three-part hosting crew. This means we can do a better job week in, and week out.

Alright! Enough of all that, let’s talk news. Here’s what we went over today:

Equity has been busy lately. We put together a huge interview with Jason Lemkin, and held a live chat this week. We’re tinkering with new things as we try to do more, and better for you all. Chat you all Monday morning!

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