Google’s next Pixel hardware event is October 6


As we’re sitting here, getting ready for Apple’s big show, Google went ahead and sent out invites for the next big Pixel event. The big reveal is happening in Brooklyn, on October 6, starting at 10AM PT.

What do we expect? Well, the company already gave us a preview of the Pixel 7 when it announced the 6a in the spring. And while Google has made some great strides in that department in recent years (the Pixel 6 was a  big leapfrog over the 5), the big news is almost certainly the Pixel Watch. Google’s long-awaited full entry into the smartwatch space is slated for a fall release.

The company has stumbled a fair bit in the past, but its newfound focus on Wear OS, coupled with its Fitbit acquisition, give us plenty of reason to be cautiously optimistic here.

There’s bound to be additional hardware on the docket, including, potentially, some new Pixel Buds and additions to the Nest Home line. Keep in mind, this is probably the company’s last big hardware event ahead of the holidays, so we’re likely to see a lot.

You’ll also see us there, bringing it to you live, as we slowly readjust to in-person events.

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